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Top Digital Banking Trends for 2022

Top Digital Banking Trends for 2022 The majority of history’s defining moments are only apparent in hindsight. However, the pandemic is a real-time dividing line for the financial industry.  If 2020 and 2021 were the years in which COVID compelled banks to embrace change, then 2022 will mark the institutionalization of that change and the […]

How to Choose the Right No-Code Development Platform for your Business

No-code, democratizing software development, ensures that businesses become agile and resilient, helps to combat tech talent shortage, and drives their innovation and digital transformation. Moreover, it relieves the highly taxed IT teams that are overburdened with multiple requests and backlogs. With citizen development gaining momentum, an increasing number of organizations are finally getting ready to […]

Top Ways Insurance Businesses Can Reduce the Mounting Technical Debt with No-Code

In software development, technical debt is the result of choosing a quick fix or shortcut over a more labor-intensive solution. If technical debt is not paid off, it will continue to pile up, making it more difficult to execute modifications or add new features to the software and ultimately making development teams and stakeholders wary. […]

Tackling the Complex Challenges of P&C Insurers in 2022

The property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry is rapidly evolving and is facing unprecedented times in terms of change. They are faced with an increasingly competitive landscape, emerging technologies, pressures of regulatory compliance, and soaring customer expectations. To keep pace, P&C insurance carriers need to reinvent and transform themselves and embrace innovation that can disrupt. […]

The Rise of Digital Natives: How millennials & Gen Z are transforming insurance

One of the significant headlines from McKinsey’s Global Insurance Report 2022 is that the insurance industry is struggling. Against the backdrop of persistently low-interest rates and pricing pressures, they are also stumbling to rapidly adapt to a new reality- the growing dominance of new buyer cohorts- Gen Z and Millennials. Gen-Z & Millennials- Dominant buyer […]

BFSI trends 2022: Climbing to the Next Level

The word ‘Technology’ has grown multi-folds during the pandemic. Few industries such as IT and Electronics held a substantial part of technology and innovation. But the Pandemic changed everything and turned technology into a transformative force for every industry. With the beginning of an era of remote and hybrid working, the advancement in technology has […]