Axcel Beck

Leveraging Human-Centric AI in 2021

Human-centered AI is meant to learn from human collaboration and inputs while emphasizing algorithms that have existed among a greater, human-based system. This technology is defined by systems that are improving consistently due to human inputs while delivering a competent experience between robots and humans. As businesses and technology providers work together to develop transformational […]

Challenges in IT Strategy for Growing Businesses

A growing business often is a matter of great pride and joy for the entrepreneurs and huge envy for their discerning competitors. However, there is also a flip side to this. As a business scales up, its previously stated benchmarks and purposes start to become irrelevant. The diverse components of a business strategy, including its […]

The Best Testing Strategy for IoT Penetration

According to Gartner, over 65% of enterprises will adopt IoT solutions by the year 2020 and the total number of connected “things” installed globally will go over the 20 billion mark. But along with the convenience to the common man and productivity for businesses, IoT brings with it, major security threats such as loss of […]

AI: The Answer to BFSI Cyberattacks

With great advancements in information technology, cyberspaces are the easy target for cybercriminals to commit crimes. While the digitization of connectivity and transactions offers great benefits to banking customers and employees, the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is most prone to cyberattacks. Artificial Intelligence techniques can help to mitigate the risk of cyberattacks in […]

Three Ways AI Is Changing the Way We Work

There have been several revolutionary trends and technologies over the years that have changed the way humans work. Until recent years, the introduction and large-scale adoption of digital technologies and computers have been among such biggest trends. Currently, as digital tech has become commonplace in almost every domain, we are entering a brand revolutionary phase […]

How IoT is Affecting the insurance industry

The insurance industry has a reputation for being a fairly traditional industry with a fundamental model of putting a price on risk and charging a premium for assuming it on behalf of its customers. However, technology is a key disruptor in the insurance industry and poses a formidable threat to the old order in nearly all facets.  The Internet of […]