Axcel Beck

Key Digital Transformation Opportunities for Insurers Post-Pandemic

Insurance Digital Transformation

There’s no doubt that the insurance industry has witnessed a profound transformation in the last few years than it did in the last few decades and the rate of acceleration in growth and opportunities has been massive and infinite. Most of these changes were long overdue, they have finally set the stage for a more […]

Has Your Insurance Company Adopted These Transformational Tech Trends?

  Most industries worldwide are witnessing a transformation, thanks to disruptive technologies. And the insurance industry is no different.  With insurtech maturing with every passing year, to stay ahead in the game, insurance companies are always on the lookout for the latest and most innovative technologies that can help them optimize and streamline operations yet give them a competitive advantage in terms of cost and […]

Top Trends Influencing the InsurTech Industry

Though not one of the early adaptors of technology, the insurance industry today is paving a path towards disruptive innovation after being technologically stagnant for the longest time. Insurance companies are evolving to become more competent and undergoing massive digital transformation, thanks to the pandemic that accelerated the pace of it due to the rising […]

The Need to Embrace Insurance Ecosystems- It’s Now or Never!

Ecosystems can be game-changers for P&C insurance. It has been proven that the adoption of a digital ecosystem mindset can bring significant advantages to insurance companies.   But what really is a digital insurance ecosystem?  Insurance Ecosystem  An ecosystem generally means an interconnected system of offerings from a variety of participating providers, like a network of players who work together to define, build, and execute […]

The Importance of Telematics and UBI in the Auto Insurance Industry

Introduction  The auto insurance industry operates on the basic principle of calculated risk by determining rates by predicting the likelihood of an individual’s future claim reporting. The factors underlying the risk assessment and predictive analysis – which are designed to effectively determine the potential for future damage – vary depending on the type of insurance […]

Low Code No Code Technology: The Key to Revolutionizing Insurance

Introduction: 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride of a year for insurance companies. With the pandemic raging on, Insurtech’s have been gaining ground on the market and insurance companies are struggling to keep up. According to the latest Insurtech Global Outlook report, the substantial progress made by Insurtechs is becoming a real threat to the traditional insurance industry, which is still suffering from a lack […]