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Transforming the Insurance, Banking and Financial Industry with Conversational AI

From inbound query management to sales closures, Axcel Beck’s Digital Transformation solutions are a future-proofing customer service strategy for Insurance, Banking, and Fintech Industries.

Create engaging and disruptive digital experiences with Axcel Beck’s Conversational AI

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Quick Assessment

Intelligently analyze and converse with the consumer, assessing their speech, and recording their responses. Conversational AI can tackle specialized and defined jobs with improved accuracy and efficiency while being user-friendly.

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Faster Response time

Manage end-to-end information directly, without taking time away from employees or allowing room for human error, ensuring greater accuracy and time efficiency. These efficiency gains mean employees are more supported and customers are more satisfied and more likely to come back.

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Higher Conversion Rates

Assists in establishing a virtual space between consumers and personnel, resulting in multiple consumer interactions at any given time and increased recurring consumers. Quick responses build trust and stronger customer relations resulting in faster conversions.

Reduced Cost Per Conversion

Organize interaction, data collection, and feedback analytics all by conversational AI technology. Instead of paying multiple employees to complete these tasks that may need to take time off or sick days and could burn out or introduce human error, conversational AI administers these tasks at no extra cost.

Improve Product Analytics

Track and store customer feedback and satisfaction, to assess real-life analytics about how your services perform and how your organization is perceived. Fill the need for a fast and friendly service provider in the industry, all the while receiving feedback to continually improve the customer experience.

Reduce Inbound Queries

Our intelligent chatbots can understand even the most complex questions and provide relevant and rapid solutions coupled with additional material such as documentation or a video. Call-center traffic is reduced dramatically when client inquiries are resolved online.

Engage The Power Of Conversational AI With Axcel Beck

Enterprise AI

Using various advanced dialogue management technologies such as Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Axcel Beck delivers integrated conversational AI can interact with users through chatbots and voice bots to enhance their experience by, identifying the intent behind of the consumer and responding with relevant information.


Axcel Beck primarily focus on the convergence of Conversational AI and Automation that enables you to connect and understand your customers regardless of channel or language preferences. Our partner Insurers and Fintech corporations are able to engage with their customers in a contextual, personalized fashion, bringing them closer to their users.

Axcel Beck Turning Tables In Every Industry With Its Revolutionary Conversational AI

Banking And Finance

As customers shift away from conventional physical and mortar financial institutions towards a hands-on virtual experience, a conversational chatbot system can grant them the ease to access their finances, submit KYC papers, receive debit and credit alerts, receive portfolio performance updates, apply for loans, and make fraud complaints within seconds. Axcel Beck with its intuitive conversational AI system can assist banking and financial firms in delivering comfortable online banking experience to its customers.

Customer Service And Sales

Customers are turning to chatbots and voice bots for online assistance to have their questions answered quickly. Assessing the need, Axcel Beck developed an intelligent Conversational AI system, which answers frequently requested queries and alerts users to new updates or service outages. With our adaptive AI, customers are now engaged with brands 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across all platforms, languages, and modes (chat and voice).

Insurance Industry

Addressing new applicants or renewing expiring contracts, the processes are time-consuming and extensive for insurance firms and their customers. To overcome these obstacles, with Axcel Beck’s conversational AI platform, insurers and customers can process and access ID evidence, health declaration forms, income statements, and sign proposal forms using the conversational chatbot's media-friendly interface from anywhere.

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