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Building Digital Foundations To Deliver Impact

Axcel Beck delivers intuitive solutions, intelligent automation, and expertise to scale the digital initiatives of local, state, and federal governments.

Keep pace with the demands of today's new digital world

Axcel Beck partners with the government agencies to help tackle your most important challenges and capture your greatest opportunities. To unlock governments’ potential, we offer our extensive capabilities in working with people and organizations, transforming operations, and using data and technology. Our unmatched public-sector expertise coupled with our groundbreaking technologies and competencies enables our clients to deliver innovative solutions that will provide immense value to all stakeholders, especially citizens. Axcel Beck in unmatched ways helps government agencies to work in new ways, use data to optimize policy development and service delivery, build end-to-end digital journeys for citizens, and design strategies to create bionic governments of the future. We bring an independent perspective and a strong commitment to finding the right solution that maximizes value creation for the government, its citizens, and its employees.
Through our extensive range of offerings for Government, we aim to bring down the maintenance costs of legacy systems, reduce the delivery cycles, ensure easy system integrations and deliver powerful experiences to set the foundation for the government of the future.

Delivering value through our key offerings

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Digital Strategy Roadmaps

We work with governments to identify opportunities and develop prioritized plans of action to enable them to cater to digital-natives and accelerate their digital transformation. Our differentiated and holistic approach equips governments to deliver the maximum value for citizens from building business and technology capabilities, organizing government around citizens’ needs, deploying new and emerging technologies, and transitioning to new ways of working.

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Digital Transformation

Governments can become more nimble and focused on creating value for citizens with innovative and intelligent solutions from Axcel Beck. Enabling the transition to agile operating models, with agile best practices by partnering with us, governments can become resilient, and deliver world-class services faster. Transitioning to digital with our solutions can result in increased flexibility, improved scalability, a higher return on investment, and IT infrastructure that will be able to meet the demands of the future.

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Digital Products & Services

Governments can seamlessly design, deliver, and deploy fully functional, best-in-class digital products and services at speed and at scale through our array of solutions built on no-code, intelligent automation and more. Through our expertise, thought partnership and capabilities, government agencies will be able to reduce their inherent complexities in operations, service deliveries and develop intuitive products and services that better meet citizens’ needs and expectations.

Future-Proof Digital Governments

Citizen Engagement Platforms

With our No Code and Digital Transformation solutions, Government can manage public grievance redressal, increase public participation in policy meetings and address public inquires in real-time under one robust platform.

Virtualize Licensing & Permits

Access to quick licensing and permits can enhance the business opportunities, resulting in stronger economic output. With Axcel Beck’s Digital Transformation solutions, licensing documentation, verification and auditing resulting in increased efficiency and transparency.

Real-time Emergency Response

Response to economic or natural calamities is crucial for government and requires immediate action. Our No Code and Digital Transformation solutions can help government arrange quick relief supplies, analyze real-time data and coordinate with multiple departments simultaneously.

Accelerate Economic Development

Utilizing the No Code solutions to create robust and user-friendly public portals and platforms that directly cater to businesses and emerging entrepreneurs, for licensing, grants and fund raising, information and incorporation.

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