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Transform the Core to Build a Future-Proof Digital Organization

With expertise and deep knowledge of the insurance domain, we enable the transformation of legacy systems to help traditional insurance businesses evolve quickly with our solutions for Guidewire powered Core System Modernization.

Guidewire Core System Modernization- A Catalyst for Innovation and Growth

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Enhanced Agility

Traditional legacy systems can impede your business's capabilities and hinder its ability to respond with agility in today’s disruptive age that is ever-evolving. With Guidewire core system modernization solutions from Axcel Beck, we enable your platforms to meet the evolving needs and expectations. .

Increased Efficiency

Organizations can achieve enhanced operational efficiencies with Guidewire legacy system modernization that results in higher productivity. Modernizing core systems help companies work smarter and cheaper, improving time to market and at the same time, reaching more customers.

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Reduced Costs

Axcel Beck can enable you to drastically reduce costs associated with legacy systems as well as improve profitability. With the lower need for maintenance, improved efficiencies, and new ways to increase revenue streams, we can help you save costs with Guidewire-led transformation.

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Align Technology & Strategy

Guidewire powered core systems modernization provides your business an opportunity to re-evaluate and redesign technology and align it better with enterprise strategy and establish a digital foundation that can help your organization to adapt to changes, foreseen and unforeseen.

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Faster Time-to-Market

Speed to market is a priority for insurance businesses, as they combat the competitive pressure to become nimbler in an increasingly data-driven and efficient marketplace. With our Guidewire solutions, gain technical agility and speed to market with modern system architecture.

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Widen Customer Base

Core system modernization solutions with Guidewire from Axcel Beck can ensure powerful customer experiences and help in increasing the customer growth and loyalty of your business, and to significantly lower the overall customer acquisition costs.

Axcel Beck’s Unique Approach to Deliver Value

Transform Legacy Technologies

To stay ahead of the curve, insurance companies need to upgrade their technology, systems and processes. Jumpstart this transformation and replace legacy systems and digitize insurance businesses by investing in leading P&C solutions like Guidewire with Axcel Beck. We offer an advisory approach to transform your business, build digital foundations and improve enterprise agility with Guidewire through our unique, proven and innovative solutions, and become a digital-native ecosystem at a rapid pace. We also reengineer processes keeping in mind the unique needs of insurers with solutions that are distinctive and tailored, ensuring quality delivery, and immense value to all our clients.

Business Resilience Strategies

Axcel Beck formulates unique strategies and solutions, focusing on near- and long-term needs and goals, to increase the digital capabilities of businesses to emerge stronger and make them resilient to future disruptions with Guidewire. With our Guidewire solutions, we aim to drive automation, improve productivity, and achieve tangible business results by reimagining processes and applications and employing new technologies to compete successfully through continued innovation. With us, companies can realize the full potential of modernizations, integrate with enterprise hybrid architecture to meet the needs of business stakeholders and customers, and optimize their total cost of ownership.

Powering Continuous Innovation with Guidewire and Next-Level Capabilities from Axcel Beck

Flexible & Scalable

Ramp-up your systems with Axcel Beck’s Guidewire powered core system modernization solutions that will help to have a digitally thriving business, steering you ahead in the insurance landscape. Our unique solutions can help you innovate better, and create agile and scalable organizations that are highly flexible and future-proof.

Lower Risks

We enable companies to rapidly modernize applications, operations and remote infrastructure management, while ensuring security needed in a multi-cloud world. Providing you a clear vision of the desired results and a well-defined roadmap to modernization, our systematic approach can help lower risks and save costs.

New Revenue Streams

At Axcel Beck with our legacy system modernization solutions from Guidewire, we will help you unlock new opportunities and revenue streams, and widen customer base. Our Guidewire solutions are blended with the best industry practices to streamline efforts, provide value and drive business growth.

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