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Axcel Beck Consulting is one of the world's fastest-growing professional banking and insurance technology integration and consulting organizations, providing solutions that assist businesses in digital transformation and staying inventive. With our cutting-edge digital transformation solutions, global financial institutions and insurance firms gain a competitive advantage. We excel in accelerating digital transformation through the modernization of core IT systems. We have worked with some of the world's major banking and insurance businesses, including some of the world's largest insurance carriers, intermediaries, and reinsurers. Our professionals have years of expertise in lowering risks and hurdles by addressing technology uncertainty and organizational constraints. Axcel Beck assists in the deployment of predictive modeling and adaptive learning to preserve your competitive edge, as well as to improve your business process efficiency to fulfill client expectations, through the integration of Machine Learning into Banking, Financed Insurance Technology. As a global leader in offering digital core transformation and support services, we help carriers reduce risks while delivering at a faster pace by using tried and successful strategies, tools, accelerators, and experienced personnel.

Gain Competitive Edge with Axcel Beck’s Machine Learning Solutions

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Personalized Customer Service

Our automated systems with Machine Learning capabilities can analyze as much information about the organization's consumers as needed, allowing us to provide a precise and personalized customer experience. Optimizing the customer footprint enables banks and insurers to use ML analytical skills to discover patterns in customer behavior, resulting in a more tailored experience for each client.

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Greater Automation and Improved Productivity

Our Machine Learning solutions can quickly manage monotonous activities, giving your staff more time to concentrate on more complex problems rather than mundane paperwork. Increased automation process will help scaling the profitability of the company.


More precise Risk Assessment

Having a detailed digital footprint for each customer may also assist financial institutions and insurers in reducing uncertainty for personnel who engage with individual clients. In areas such as loan underwriting, insurance risk management, and foreseeing potential dangers, the automated system outperforms humans, removing any potential human bias.

Immediate Benefits of Our Machine Learning Solutions

Faster Claims Handling

Financial and insurance businesses suffer a massive concern with delayed claims settlement, which costs them millions of dollars each year. Axcel Beck’s advanced Machine Learning technology increases processing efficiency from claim registration through claim payment. Numerous carriers have been benefitted since automation reduces processing time, which enhances the customer experience. 

Fraudulent Detection

Axcel Beck’s machine learning technologies can assist identification of fraud trends and questionable claims in an automated method by finding exceptions and alerting insurance firms of suspected fraud. ML-driven deployments, in contrast to traditional rules-based fraud detection, battle fraud proactively, efficiently, and with minimal effort. It prevents even the most subtle fraud transactions, which are typically impossible to forecast using manually specified criteria. 

Enhanced Loss Prevention

The Banking, Finance, and Insurance industries are prone to malicious digital attacks which estimate to losses worth billions each year. To fill in the need for an intelligent and robust mechanism to withstand and protect from such attacks, Axcel Beck with its capable ML systems has catered to many leading insurers and financial institutions. Our intelligent ML algorithms run systemic threat assessments to recognize the faults and rectify them, providing end-to-end safeguard to your vital data. 

Added Loan approvals

Credit scoring is one of the most beneficial applications of machine learning in financial domain. In comparison to standard models, ML in finance gives lenders enhanced insights into a borrower’s capacity to pay by dealing with much more data and more difficult computations. Axcel Beck’s powerful ML algorithms consider various elements, such as income, information from social media handles, utilities, rent payments, and even health check-up documents, to provide a precise risk assessment for each individual.

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