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Customizable and scalable No-Code Accelerator solutions  to increase Time-to-Value for Insurers

Develop and Launch Customized Products Faster

With organizations constantly on the lookout to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives to provide enhanced customer experiences, meet evolving market demands, and keep pace with fintech market disruptions. In most cases, existing legacy systems and the cost of traditional development have been the biggest internal challenges. Axcel Beck’s innovative and intuitive Accelerator solutions built on No-Code platforms can enable insurance businesses to kick-start projects cost-effectively and efficiently, and fast-track customer solutions with enhanced speed-to-market capabilities. We help you to build and market innovative insurance solutions for Property & Casualty, Life & Health, and Specialty Insurance – for both personal and commercial lines. With us, expedite your digital initiatives with our array of prebuilt Accelerators at a fraction of the cost of traditional development. Easy to configure and integrate into existing technology platforms, our distinctive Accelerator solutions provide you the flexibility to enter new markets and expand product offerings in just days. With consumers demanding value-added and personalized services in addition to the superior customer experience at a competitive value, our Accelerators built on the unified no-code platform enables a faster go-to-market and an agile approach to sell new and existing financial products across various business lines and distribution channels.

Why Axcel Beck's Accelerator Solutions?

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Secure, Customer-Centric & Future-Proof

Our suite of accelerator solutions for the insurance industry are highly secure with the integrated latest cloud technology. It is cost effective and always up to date with frequent new release in tandem with latest technology trends & features. With us, you can unify all insurance lines in a single application and focus on creating customer-centric business models with innovative insurance solutions, and insurance on demand.

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Easy Integration with Legacy & Third party Platforms

Say no to siloed systems. With Axcel Beck you can have API enabled and interconnected applications that can seamlessly be integrated with existing platforms as well as payment gateways to ensure ease of operations. Centralize all business lines in one application and focus on customer-centric business models – product bundling, new innovative insurance solutions, and insurance on demand.

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Faster Time-to-Market with Prebuilt Widgets

Our readymade accelerators enable insurance businesses to jump-start projects cost-effectively and efficiently, up to 8x quicker, and fast-track customer solutions with enhanced speed-to-market capabilities. The prebuilt widgets are tailored to the needs of the industry. You can now create new insurance products that meet continuously evolving customer needs.

Drive Business Agility & Outcomes

Customizable & Scalable

Our suite of Accelerator solutions can easily be customized as per the niche functions and the needs of the insurance business. Easy to configure, they can be scaled to fit any size of business. 

End-to-End Product Journeys

Guaranteed digital solutions  up to 8x faster than traditional development, on our No-Code platform, without writing a single line of code, supporting their end-to-end journey on omnichannel.  

Evaluate New Products & Markets

Our accelerator solutions are pre-built and ready to be integrated with existing technology platforms; giving you the flexibility to enter new markets and expand product offerings in just days.

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