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Fast Track Product Development With No Code

Axcel beck’s Rapid Prototyping solutions¬† to accelerate product development and create best-in-class banking, financial and insurance products.¬†

No-Code - An Efficient Way to Bring to Life Ideas Through Prototyping

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Visual & Intuitive

Our prototyping solutions built on no-code platforms for insurance and banking involves visual development as compared to traditional full-fledged coding. Highly responsive, it streamlines and accelerates the entire process of prototyping.

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Easy Testing & Debugging

Experience the ease of quick, accurate and efficient testing and debugging. The solutions allow you to easily search through server logs for errors, and spot any need for alterations visually on the canvas or on a diagram.

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Lower Operational Costs

Involving easy to use drag-and-drop features the solutions are extremely simplified, saving time and reducing dependence on IT teams and critical resources, removing redundancies and inefficiencies, boosting productivity and thereby lowering operating costs as well.

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Our no-code powered prototyping solutions have been the result of identifying the need to provide banking and insurance businesses the ability to industrialize innovation with a platform that allows them to test ideas, innovate, fail fast, and reduce time-to-market.

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Amplify Productivity & Revenues

Axcel Beck brings the experiment-and-deliver approach that empowers business users to get the right services to customers and removing any inefficient processes in between. With our solutions, develop the prototypes needed, quickly get user feedbacks and requests live and arrive at a completely relevant product faster, thus significantly boosting revenues.

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Secure, Scalable & Configurable

Our prototyping solutions for the banking, financial and insurance businesses are extremely secure and the right fit for organizations of any size, with immense ability to scale. They can be easily integrated with existing platforms and product lines as well.

Successful Digital Products With Our No-Code Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping In a Single Platform

Rapid prototyping with no-code allows you to combine UX, design, and development into one intuitive platform, that enables you to build a fully functioning product more than representation. With our no-code prototyping solutions, you can now innovate and produce within the same environment, saving you time and helping you create a successful final product. Our live co-development features and sprint methodology let you overcome the barriers of information silos and discontinuous workflows

Transforming Digital Product Creation Process

For banking, financial services and insurance, successful digital transformation hinges on the ability to unlock the enormous business potential of customer experiences with customized and differentiated products. And Rapid prototyping is an essential step in creation of such innovative products and services. We have the perfect solutions powered by No-Code, for everything you need to bring ideas to life and transform how you create digital products with your team.

Industrialize Innovation Through Rapid Prototyping with Axcel Beck


Prototyping on no-code is the best bet for banks and insurers to keep pace with ever-increasing customer expectations from the digital experience. With rapid prototyping, quick development of fully functional products and faster feedbacks become possible, thus ensuring speed-to-market for the enterprises to remain relevant and gain a competitive edge.


Most banks and insurance firms operate with legacy platforms with significant technology debt making rapid application development or upgrades a big challenge. But with our no code solutions that can be easily integrated into existing systems, these challenges can easily be overcome.


Prototyping solutions built on no-code platforms are an ideal way to collaborate with teams, ensuring the feedback from each function and real-time updates. It ensures more efficient, democratized and quicker prototyping, resulting in successful outcomes for the businesses.

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