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From quicker time to market for new products to data-driven cross-selling opportunities, Axcel Beck’s RPA solutions make it possible to build a digital future for Banking, Finance and Insurance

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Improved Regulatory Compliance

Our RPA solutions for banking, finance, and insurance helps to improve regulatory processes through workflow automation and overcome other compliance challenges. With RPA, monitor regulatory compliance with ease to prepare BFSIs for their internal and external audits.

Unmatched Customer Experience

Our array of RPA offerings ensures quicker response times and enables businesses to speed up a wide range of data-rich processes. Allows toggling through multiple systems, provides real-time access to customer data, and accelerates the completion of customer requests.

Enhanced Data Security & Accuracy

Axcel Beck's RPA solutions will help your business lessen the possibility of fraud and money laundering by involving fewer data from people. By replacing manual processes with RPA, it removes the potential for human errors thus ensuring the reliability and accuracy of data.

Cost Savings & Cross-Selling Opportunities

With RPA streamline business operations and increase productivity for overall cost savings. RPA tools like chatbots can deliver customized product recommendations to enhance the customer experience, in addition to adding value to new business innovations.

Unlock the Potential of RPA with Axcel Beck

Banking, finance services, and insurance businesses continue to house many legacy applications and business processes that involve innumerable repetitive manual processes. Despite the large investments from major players, the industry has significant pockets of inefficiencies that need to be ironed out. Automation in insurance, banking, and financial services comes with a whole host of benefits, including high scalability, increased operational efficiency, improved accuracy, cost-effectiveness, risk and compliance reporting, and business growth.

Axcel Beck’s Robotic Process Automation is an enabler towards the goal of digitally transformed straight-through processing. We have a matured Robotic Process Automation CoE with extensive experience in RPA implementation, proven methodologies, processes, and frameworks to establish a centralized RPA function. We enable you to kick-start  your RPA journey by helping you define the strategy. Our singular approach involves helping understand and identify processes that need automation, optimizing productivity and FTE, and advancing to plan a roadmap for automation rollout. Our RPA development services include RPA program planning, software systems audit, RPA integration, cloud migration, software robot development.

Our Intelligent Solutions For A New Era in Banking & Insurance

Customer Onboarding

Our RPA solution helps in processing large volumes of customer data and requests effortlessly and on a timely basis. It can address the challenges and increase operational efficiency significantly and decrease operational and labor costs by automating lots of manual jobs and repetitive tasks.

Customer Support

Our RPA for customer service centers automates a wide range of routine tasks. From faster information gathering from multiple sources to automation of the account verification process to easy status tracking, automation brings in immense value to our clients. 

Employee Relations

Make your HR onboarding programs a real success with our RPA solutions to increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and loyalty. It is an excellent tool for automating recruiting, onboarding, and training processes that brings a bunch of benefits to BFSIs.

Monitoring & Reporting

Create reports quickly by aggregating data from various systems. Our RPA solutions ensures the highest level of efficiency, along with data accuracy and consistency, helping in deep data analysis as well to create powerful insights and facilitate in smarter decision-making for businesses.

Claim Processing & Underwriting

Accelerate the time-consuming cycle of claim processing. Automating the claim processing using our RPA and ML allows proper claim classification and routing. With automation, underwriting can be expedited by providing recommendations on its own and combining data from various disparate systems, with an informed view of customer history.

Cross selling & Up selling

Automated and personalized communication with customers often results in increased loyalty. Our RPA solutions that are data-driven can be gainfully employed to improve the marketing and selling process within organizations, identifying significant opportunities to cross sell and upsell products.

Risk Management & Fraud Detection

Axcel Beck’s powerful solutions are a compliance enabler for banks, financial services and insurance, helping reinvent their compliance and risk management processes. In conjunction with cognitive capabilities, it can help regulate anti-money-laundering, fraud detection and investigations efficiently.


Policy Administration

Create more engaging experiences with policyholders, backed by our RPA. Using a mix of ML, NLP, and analytics,  our unique RPA solutions can identify the context of customer emails and classify the content. They can extract data, update systems, interact with human users to complete instructions and deliver confirmations, all while meeting regulatory and statutory requirements.

Explore other Digital Transformation solutions

Machine Learning

Leverage the limitless possibilities of our ML solutions for improved customer service, risk management, fraud prevention, investment prediction, cybersecurity and more.

Conversational AI

Build engaging and disruptive digital experiences for customers with Axcel Beck’s Conversational AI solutions for banking, financial and insurance.

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Leverage curated and validated data from multiple sources to achieve enhanced decision-making and profitability with our data and analytics solution. Axcel Beck empowers you to make intelligent and data-driven decisions throughout the insurance lifecycle.

Core System Modernization

Get an advisory approach to transform your P&C insurance business, build digital foundations and improve enterprise agility with Guidewire through our unique, proven, and innovative solutions, and become a digital-native ecosystem at a rapid pace.

Upgrade & Support

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Advisory Services

Delivering seamless services, we enhance the capabilities of insurance companies through our futuristic consulting services that leverage our product knowledge, domain expertise, and innovative digital solutions quickly scale and grow.

Unqork Consulting

We have partnered with the leading No-Code application platform-Unqork to help you foster innovation and navigate digital disruption with intuitive and easy-to-implement no-code solutions.

Rapid Prototyping

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