Axcel Beck

Axcel Beck and Unqork come together to solve Insurance Technology challenges

Helping you develop & implement scalable product innovations through accelerated No-Code solutions 

Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

Unqork, the leading enterprise no-code application platform, come together to form a strategic partnership with Axcel Beck, to deliver System Integration services for Unqork's no-code application platform. Through this partnership, Axcel Beck will enable insurers to take full advantage of Unqork's speed, performance, and ease of use to deliver high impact digital transformation solutions. Axcel Beck will help you unlock the full potential of application development, build functional, cost-effective solutions that are faster to implement; thereby deepening the value the Unqork platform provides in your digital transformation journey.

The Unqork - Axcel Beck Partnership Advantage

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Expand Your Existing Product Ecosystem

Axcel Beck backed by the power of Unqork’s no-code platform will let you bring important products and platforms under the ecosystem, allowing users to access everything they need to complete their customer journey.

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Solve Implementation Challenges

Axcel Beck along with Unqork allows for uninterrupted integrations. We help insurers facilitate easy integrations of modern systems with legacy technologies in a fully visual environment allowing businesses to function as usual while you continue your digitization efforts.

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Futuristic Enterprise Application Development

With the help of Unqork’s no-code platforms, Axcel Beck will enable businesses to build complex solutions without having to write a line of code. Design and develop fully functional applications through visual configuration to achieve accelerated time-to-market, rapid prototyping, and frequent reuse.

Develop digital core capabilities by building agile applications with no-code.

Seamless integration at scale

Our deep-rooted knowledge of insurance technology coupled with Unqork’s no-code platform allows you to create seamless integrations and connect third-party applications under one ecosystem. This will increase system functionality, while also boosting the efficiency of internal business processes. 

Legacy System Modernization

On your journey to modernization, it may not be possible to completely move away from legacy systems, and this is where Axcel Beck will help you use integrations that can connect old systems to modern systems to facilitate uninterrupted business processes. 

Lowered Maintenance and Management Cost

Axcel Beck will help you not only build but also maintain multiple integrations through the Unqork no-code platform. You can achieve Achieve 3x cost when partnering with us.

Improved Application Quality

Axcel Beck’s partnership with Unqork seeks to help insurance companies to tackle the most pressing technology challenges by unlocking capabilities to build flexible and futuristic enterprise technology faster and with improved quality. 

Accelerated time to market

Axcel Beck uses Unqork’s no-code platform to amplifthe potential of insurance tech teamsWe enable the quick adoption of modern cloud-native architecture trapidly build technology solution with infinite scalability without compromising on quality.

Rapid Digitalization

Unqork’s no-code platform allows you to create complex applications faster without compromising on security, thereby allowing you to focus on innovations that drive rapid digitalization.  

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Together with Unqork, Axcel Beck will help you build common solutions and deploy them across multiple business lines and multiple regions.