Axcel Beck

How We Work

Preparing You for the Future of Insurance Technology

In today’s rapidly evolving insurance landscape, Axcel Beck Consulting is making a lasting difference by remaining committed to our mission to satisfy the digital needs of global insurers. How? By ensuring the effective and seamless integration of Duck Creek and Guidewire capabilities into their core systems.

What We Offer

We Adopt A Client-Centric Approach

Diversity and inclusiveness as a Minority-owned Entity

When diverse viewpoints are paired with an egalitarian society- stronger decision-making, creativity, corporate agility, and disruption tolerance will arise. Axcel Beck is a certified minority-owned entity and as a result, with the assistance of highly skilled professionals in the US, Canada, Latin America, and India, we work as a global team.

A Minority Vendor

Does your workplace portray diversity and inclusion? If your answer is anything but yes, we can help. Let us help you evaluate your executive team with our "Inclusive Workplace Model” and foster a company culture of diversity and inclusion by supplying you with highly experienced diversity resources for all your insurance technology needs.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in building partnerships on the basis of trust and transparency. And this is why you'll always have deep insights into the work we do and the resources we assign to help you with your digital technology transformation.

Committed to Excellence

Our leaders and employees are dedicated to always ensuring you get unmatched services by working together to do what’s right by you. We have a passion for consulting and delivering excellence in all projects we undertake.

Why Choose Us

Insurance Technology Solutions Designed To Help You Succeed

At Axcel Beck, we empower our clients to navigate evolving technology disruptions by combining our strategic vision with advanced automation solutions. We believe in driving excellence through innovation and impeccable execution. Our experienced professionals will help your organization to stay ahead in a rapidly-changing world. 

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